Balcony Antics

Our resident hooligan is Roman Maguinez, who has been storing Catfish frame #1 at his shop.  Seeing an opportunity, he cobbled together a complete 1.6 drivetrain, wired a complete harness onto the frame and shod some old tires on the contraption.  Voila’, the original Catfish is now affectionately known as the “Ratfish”.  It’s actually got potential; David Taricani ran a Scotch Brite pad with WD-40 over the entire frame, making it gleam.  He then coated the frame in carnauba wax so it looks bare but doesn’t collect rust.  And if it does, a quick turn with the pad and some wax makes things shine again.  Otherwise, it’s a bare bones car that’s already been timed under 1:30 at Streets of Willow.  Stock engine.  Bald 195 section street tires.  No sway bars.

The next step for the Ratfish is a better suspension package, a front sway bar, and the coolest set of 13 x 9 Panasport wheels you’ve ever seen.  Roman says he’s giving up cars and taking up knitting if he can’t get the car around Streets under 1:20 with a stock NA Miata engine. Nice.  The video was shot at the balcony overlooking turn 4 at Willow Springs Raceway.


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