Catfish Shakedown at El Toro

The first shakedown for the Catfish went really well.  The baseline settings for the suspension seemed spot-on.  Most importantly, nothing broke and there were no surprises.  This is the second pass at the Pro Solo track set up at El Toro air base in Irvine, CA.  George Doganis is testing the car after we disconnected the rear sway bar and dropped the tire pressure to 24lbs.

As you watch the video, remember that this is a stock 1.6 motor and open differential which will be changed.  Also notice how rarely the gas pedal is wide open.  In other words, the stock 1.6 engine has more than enough guts to push around this car.  In fact, after the video we tried to get some rolling shots while driving behind the CF in a 1.8 NB Rotrex with over 260hp, and the Catfish simply walked away.  You could put this down to old tires and the skill of driver George Doganis, but it’s clear that the Catfish will be potent track weapon.

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