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There is a core list of parts that are included with every base Catfish.  These parts along with the initial design and execution of the car give it its unique character.  These core parts will make a car that will excel on the track or your favorite back road.  See the list of Optional parts to help build the car you want, but it’s up to the individual to add the combination of bits and pieces that will turn the Catfish into a track weapon, a retro-mod speedster or the ultimate minimalist sports car.

A downloadable Build Sheet for is available on the website

Catfish Essentials–these parts are included with every base car:

Frame & hard panels—High quality U.S. made seamless DOM tubing is used throughout, with main spars and lattices at 1.5” O.D.  Each chassis is jig welded and designed to fit directly onto 1990-2005 Miata sub-frames that are in good condition.  No welding or bending is required.  The front clip acts as a replaceable front frame support.  It also holds the NB-style radiator as well as the front bodywork.  The rear bolt-on clip holds bodywork and the optional diffuser.  Brakes, suspension, fuel and wiring are simple to install.  Mounts for four, five or six point harnesses are included.

  • Includes single 4 point roll hoop
  • Index points for Mazda sub-frames mean the frame will also be perfectly aligned with Mazda donor parts, if they’re in good condition.
  • Engine bay sized for LS engine, with a Miata 1.8 engine as the simplest build
  • Front clip holds NB-style radiator and allows lots of room and airflow for intercooler placement.  The body mount on the front clip doubles as the front diffuser support mount.
  • The frame also includes mounting points for the rear sub-frame support brackets.
  • Uncoated finish to allow for welding on customer options prior to assembly.  Powder coating is optional.
  • The bottom panels are pre-cut and pre-drilled for assembly.  The center floor panel is removable for access to the driveline.  The front panels rest under the radiator and tie together the front bodywork with the front K-member.  Included floor panels: Left & Right floor, Center driveline,  Front under radiator, driver secondary, passenger secondary


Fiberglass composite construction is used, including high-performance woven S-glass, with carbon fiber reinforcements where needed.  The interior and flooring features aluminum panels.  Installation hardware is included.  The bodywork is finished in a gel coat that’s ready for light sanding in preparation for paint.  The bodywork is very light, with the main body side panels that run the length of the car barely weighing 20lbs each.  When fastened together, they become very rigid.

Side Panels, driver and passenger—These run the length of the car and include mounting areas for lighting.  Both driver and passenger sides includes room for the exhaust.  The holes can also be used for exhaust  Internal bulkheads are found at the firewall location for safety and stiffness.  Mounting points are at the bulkhead, floor, shock towers, rear deck, rear bumper and front grille.

Grille—this mounts to both side panels and the aluminum floor.  The side air intake areas are designed to funnel air to the front brakes, and the air slot directly below the hood can be used as a cold air or intercooler intake.

Hood—this mounts in front with custom Aerolatch® hardware, and at the back of the car with the patented Quik Latch® system.  Interior hood ribbing keeps the hood stiff, and the hood can be easily removed for easy     access to the engine bay.  Stainless hood vents are optional.

Cowl–This piece sits behind the hood and above the dash.  The optional windshield would sit on top of the cowl.

Dash–minimalist to match the car, the Catfish dash uses the stock Miata gauge panel when swapping in a stock 1.8 engine, or can be retrofitted with race gauges.

Rear Deck—the rear deck also integrates the roll hoops and fascia, it does not act as a trunk.  The fuel cap (included) mounts to the deck.  A new Trunk option is available–contact us for details.

Rear Bumper and License Light panel—the base model includes a full bumper with a rear cutout for the diffuser.  When the diffuser isn’t mounted, it shows off the differential fins.  The upper portion of the rear bumper holds the license plate and reverse lights, included.


The standard interior body panels are all aluminum, and are designed to be used with stock or aftermarket seats.  The interior is approximately four inches wider at the top than a stock Miata, and has about one inch more length.  Provisions are also made for the use of the stock gauge panel and emergency brake.

Interior sides—the side panels can be painted, wrapped (standard and aluminum colors), or covered in micro-suede or fabric.

Secondary floors—made of aluminum plate, these pieces run from the firewall to the seats.  They are intended to offer extra protection to the driver and passenger.

Center tunnel—the new center tunnel is made from fiberglass and molded with a Kevlar interior for safety.  It’s wider than our original tunnel in order to allow for larger transmissions used in V6 and V8 applications.  The center tunnel matches the curve of the outside body line and has provisions for the shift boot and emergency brake.

Firewall—the front firewall is made of steel & flat aluminum plate, and separate the driver and passenger from the engine bay.  The rear firewall is made of aluminum sheet.

Wiring fascia plate—hides and protects all wiring.


  • DOT compliant Headlight and Taillight package, including reverse, license and auxiliary lighting and interior buttons. All auxiliary lights are super-bright, low power LED lights.
  • Clear polycarbonate headlight bucket cover, pair. The entire headlight is a custom design, and does not use parts intended for some other car.
  • TIG welded custom stainless steel headlight shrouds with hardware included
  • Hardware Installation packet, including body brackets, quick release fasteners, rivets, buttons and latches
  • Custom Exhaust side pipe, including connector to stock header. This is a “competition” straight-thru muffler with louvered core, and is built with 304 stainless throughout.  The exhaust tip is TIG welded by hand, and includes an internal perforated core.  A quiet core insert is available to reduce the sound output.
  • Nylon exit straps—use these to easily enter and exit the car.
  • Gas cap and fuel filler tubing
  • Mirrors are not included

Base Car $13,900



  • DOT windscreen assembly, including glass, frame, mounting brackets, wiper brackets
  • Front downforce Canard “Whiskers”, in black or carbon fiber
  • Stainless Steel hood vents, complete with stainless surrounds
  • Aluminum dimple die interior pieces
  • Rear Diffuser Kit
  • Rear Trunk Kit
  • Full Racing Cage assembly
  • Stainless Toggle Tag Set
  • Fiberglass Passenger Tonneau Cover
  • 3″ Aluminum Front Splitter
  • 90% Body Wiring Harness
  • “E & O E” (Errors and Omissions Excepted), Other items To Be Determined (TBD) at the time of production
  • The customer assumes full responsibility for the street or track-worthiness of the finished vehicle

Contact us for more information about available accessories and services.

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  • Han Kolenaar says:

    Hello Mr. Bauer,

    I am a racefan and I have two Mazda dealerships in the Netherlands (EU). I saw your Catfish on internet and I am very enthousiast about the design and the possibillities in combination with the Mazda Mx-5 NA and NB.
    Is it possible to buy a total kit so that we can build a Catfish in our own workshop of my dealership? Maybe we can sell in it Europe or we can race with it?

    best regards,

    Han Kolenaar