First Build Blog!

6709843437_4fb43035eb_bThat’s right, we haven’t even started production and one of our first Catfish customers  has already decided to start a build blog for his car.  Thank you Miguel!  If you want to see what goes into a build directly from the perspective of an owner, viewing build blogs is a great way to start.

While we are scheduling production, Miguel is preparing his donor car for the Catfish parts, and is well along in the process.  While Miguel has never tackled a Miata, he’s had some time “under the hood” and on the track.  After seeing the beautiful work he’s done on his Alfa Romeo GTV and BMW M-powered E30, it seems obvious that his Catfish will end up looking beautiful.

In Miguel’s own words, “I have found the most daunting of task are only daunting because one has never done it before.  Some folks just need a little glimpse behind the curtain and they will walk through on their own.  I guess I was lucky enough to learn to have confidence in myself and now I just jump in feet first.  Maybe the blog will be helpful in motivating others.”  Find out for yourself at the link below.

Be sure to chime in with questions and support!

Last, remember that this is a blog.  You’ll need to back up to the first entry to see what you’ve missed.  Until then, here is some of Miguel’s work:


Alfa Romeo GTV


BMW M-powered E30




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