Go Ahead, Take it for a Spin

A virtual spin that is. Use the controls or your drag your mouse for a 360 degree walk around view. You can also double click to zoom and pan for a detailed view.


  • Karlo says:

    Cool tool, it shows all the surface lines that your guys carefully placed.

  • Mark McManus says:

    In order to make my car street legal in Michigan it is necessary to have a rear view mirror on the drivers side of the car. Any suggestions?

    • Cord Bauer says:

      Mark…I have no idea. I’d highly recommend a rear view mirror whether for street or track as they’re invaluable in both situations.

      • Mark McManus says:


        Because of the laws in my state, I will have a side view mirror put on the car, but I was wondering if you were planning on designing one that would flow with the car’s design?


        • Cord Bauer says:

          Hi Mark,

          The car can is intended as a “retro-mod”, and as such can be pushed in the “retro” or the “mod” direction. For example, if you’ve got a full aluminum interior with hand-crafted goodies inside, it’s really optimal to use GT style spun aluminum mirrors in the “retro” style. The ideal would be a carbon GT mirror, but I don’t have those available. Really whatever balances with the rest of the car.

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