House Cat

The House Cat is coming along, and like most ground-up builds the build motto is, “hurry up and wait.”  All of the major parts are in the shop or on order, but for every large item (like an engine), there are dozens of parts that may need to be upgraded, replaced, don’t have, or just plain can’t find in the stack of stuff.  That’s this build.

The most noticeable change with this build over others…RED, but there are dozens of significant new items that we’re testing on the House Cat.  They include:

  • a new V8 Roadster K member which should add strength, lightness and even move the engine back a bit
  • Keisler Automation hubs that drop weight, add strength and improve the roll center and center of gravity
  • RacePak SmartWire wiring system.  A racing computer replaces the traditional fuse box layout, creating a simpler, lighter and more robust electrical system
  • New Big Bake Kit with aluminum rotor hats.  Wilwood hardware with custom hats and brackets are lighter, stronger (see a pattern here?), and are up to the rigors of track duty
  • A Singular Motorsport Brake Duct kit port air directly to the front brake rotors for no-fade use
  • A CX Racing long-tube exhaust header with T3 flange and Intercooler kit should help the engine feed hot exhaust gases to a new turbo
  • Ohlins suspension handles the bumps.  I’ve never had better suspension on my motorcycles than Ohlins, and hope that continues with this car.
  • A healthy serving of carbon fiber and Kevlar will find it’s way onto the bodywork.  The planned paint job will show off some of the carbon on the body, and Kevlar will be used underneath the body over the tires and, at stress points, and at the sides of the car for crash protection

A red flag at the end of the frame seemed like overkill

Aluminum bottom panels go on first.  At center left, there’s room for the PPF and below that are cooling fins for the differential.

Hopefully this is the only time the frame is upside down.

Ready to add more goodies

New.  A tab was added for a Delrin puck jacking point

Custom light weight V8 Roadsters front K member

Keisler Automation hubs with ARP extended wheel studs

Flyin’ Miata “Happy Meal” clutch setup with long-tube T3 exhaust header
Flyin’ Miata “Happy Meal” clutch setup with long-tube T3 exhaust header

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