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Mike Duell’s Build Blog HERE

Julien’s Build Blog HERE

Authorized Catfish Builders

Flyin’ Miata–the first name in turbocharging, GM-powered Miatas, and the default name for everything related to Miata performance

Bent Motorsports–suspension and fabrication gurus with hands-on involvement in the Catfish build.  Contact them for all your wiring needs.

More Resources

ReadyRamp–Cord’s “other” company, selling patented bed extenders for trucks that open to become motorcycle ramps

ShipYourCarNow–online shipping quotes.  Here are some estimated ship quotes (May 2015) for enclosed transport of your Catfish from San Diego to:

Laguna Seca (Monterey, CA)                     $750

Miller Motorsports Park  (Tooele, UT)   $1,050

Circuit of the Americas (Austin, TX)       $1,250

Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)                   $1,600

Mid Ohio (Lexington, OH)                         $1600

UShip–online shipping auction.  More time given to the auction means more bids and a lower price.

DG Motorsports–innovation in carbon composite and mold design, with lots of Mazda parts available

Monster Miata–the innovators in Ford V8 Miata conversions

KitSpeed–your online resource for hand-built cars, planes, boats and more

CRB Alumifab–custom aluminum fabrication excellence.  This is a prime contact for custom aluminum Catfish interior panels

Project G-Maker of the G-String top and other Miata-centric parts.

Energy Suspension–Whether you’re freshening up your 20 year old bushings or getting ready to go racing, Energy Suspension carries engine mounts, suspension bushings, differential bushings, and even steering rack bushings.  They build the parts in the U.S.A. from their own poly formulas, and make your new Catfish drive like a new car.


  • bob callaway says:

    Is there more room in a Catfish than a Miata? At 6′-3″, I’ve never had enough room in a standard Miata.

    • Cord says:

      There’s about 1.5″ more room behind the seat, and about 4″ extra side to side, which really helps with seats that have larger side wings. The foot box is spacious. I’m 6’0″ and have no problems, and David is 6’3″ ish and was fine when he drove the car at Laguna Seca.

  • Kyle Watkins says:

    We race miatas in enduros. We use an 18″ ultra shield seat with various foam inserts for different drivers. Will that seat fit in the catfish?

    Kyle – Sector Purple Racing

    • Cord says:

      Anything that fits in a Miata will fit the Catfish. In fact we’ve moved our upper frame tubes outboard 2″ (each side) for added seat “wing” room. I added frame stiffness as well.

  • onaroll says:

    I gather the well sorted Miata front and rear suspensions on their subframes are tied together by your tubular space frame. That tells me the track width and hubs are Miata. Also that the powertrain longitudinal tie bar is probably retained. If so then the wheelbase is as an original Miata at 89 inches? Have you investigated what leeway there might be for accepting parts from the recent generation MX-5 cars such as their five lug hubs and larger brakes, aluminum wishbones, and 91 inch wheelbase? Not to forget the 2 liter engine?

    • Cord says:

      The beauty of the build is that when the unibody is taken off the Miata, the drivetrain and suspension “roller skate” are left. Only what you need…none of the extra weight. It’s all held together with a “PPF”, or Power Plant Frame that connects the front engine/suspension/K-member to the rear differential/suspension/subassembly/gas tank. Wheelbase of 89.2 is retained, which is almost identical to the original Shelby Cobra. The current generation MX-5 is longer, wider, heavier, and uses a 5 link rear suspension. The NA/NB Miata models are the most raced cars in the world, with suspension dynamics that are known to everyone. Now all people need to do is figure out what to do with 600-800 fewer pounds on their sports car.

  • I love the side exhaust, but concerned the exhaust is going to be pretty loud. Any options for a quieter exhaust?

    • Cord says:

      Working on that now. When a turbo is used with the side exhaust, I’d actually say it was the perfect dB level. For a naturally aspirated car, we’re working on keeping our straight through design but using a louvered core instead of perforated. This should keep the sound down without killing performance. The addition of a catalytic converter or pre-resonator would also do the trick.

  • Scott Koschwitz says:

    I am really intrigued by this kit. I have been following the development of the Factory Five Racing 818, but recently have been losing interest because of the direction of its development and concerns over its quality, as expressed by builders. I am also interested in the Westfield SDV.

    I like that this kit is based on the Miata, instead of the Subaru Impreza/WRX, as the 818. I previously owned and raced a 1990 Miata, so am familiar with Mazda quality and how to work on them, I also like that the Catfish is more modern and aerodynamic than the Westfield.

    I have two questions: (1) do you plan to develop a top for the car (even something as simple as the Miata G-String) or windows/side curtains (like the Westfield)?

    (2) I signed up for the newsletter, but have not received one yet, despite your recent Facebook posts. Are you still producing the newsletter?

    • Cord says:

      Hi Scott, we do plan on a top, and have already discussed a bikini top and a soft tonneau with a couple of customers. Whatever we do will be backwards-compatible with our current car. We’re currently busy with two new models that will be coming out this year—one of which should debut this month. If you signed up for the newsletter, you’ll be getting the information first. We otherwise try not to bombard our customers with emails. 🙂

  • Ron Weber says:

    will you be attending the kit car show this year in Carlisle, PA

    see link

    please add me to your newsletter

    my Miata donor is rebuilt and ready to go. I was planning on building the mevster but it went out of production

    • Cord says:

      We won’t be at Carlisle as a company, although there might be a Catfish there from the East Coast. We will also have a new model coming out this month that might interest you, so hang tight and check back often.

      • Ron Weber says:

        If I may make a suggestion regarding your website, which by the way is very good.

        Under your Pricing and FAQ’s tab, could you insert a jpeg of the options you have listed so that the average consumer can actually see what the item looks like?

        It would make the decision to purchase much easier

        • Cord says:

          Thanks for the input Ron. It makes sense. Let’s see if we can’t work these things in over time.

        • Cord says:

          Hi Ron,
          Please check the “Photo” column on the first page, and then the “Catfish Build Reference pictures” gallery. That should give you a good start on what some of the options look like.

  • Adam says:

    Please, don’t ruin my marriage, Just show me what your next car will be. Who ever thought that Catfish could become a curse word.

    • Cord says:

      Wow, the pressure is on. 🙂 Next car pictures come out this month. Hold out just a little longer….

      • Adam says:

        While I am excited to see a filleted catfish I was honestly hoping for more. I thought a new model might mean new body lines or design. However as a future buyer the more time you spend perfecting this model the better.

        • Adam says:

          BTW the wife still isnt happy. Can you throw in a basket of cookies and lotions with each purchase? It might help.

  • Dennis says:

    Absolutely in love with the catfish.

    Problem is, I am all the way in Australia.
    Are there any option to get hold of the build?

    • Cord says:

      We’ve got a RHD Catfish headed to Australia at the end of the month, and will have an agent there to assist very soon. Extra added bonus–the Aussie car will be LFX powered!

      • Adam says:

        G’day from Down Under. What progress with Aussie bound catfish? I just happen to have an SE (MSM to you) lying around waiting to be repurposed.

        • Cord says:

          The Aussie Cat is a “roller”, but RHD and the Honda engine have proven difficult regarding the steering box. Otherwise the frame passed testing and It could be running any day now…

  • Riley gartner says:

    Very interested in the new cfr model. And looking forward to the unveiling. Have actually been waiting to order a catfish since you mentioned it long ago. Keep up the great work.

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