NASA Gives Catfish Green Flag To Go Racing


The National Auto Sport Association has allowed the Catfish to race in the popular Super Touring (ST) class!  The class is based on a horsepower to weight calculation that allows many different types of cars to race competitively.  The basic rules split the class into three horsepower to weight ratios: ST3 (1:9), ST2 (1:8), and supercar-style performance in the  ST1 class, (1:5.5).  For really outrageous performance, there’s the “Super Unlimited” class that allows for a horsepower to weight ratio even less than 5.5:1.

Super Touring should be the class to watch in 2014, as a few other classes from 2013 have been woven into this catch-all formula.  Porsche GT3’s will be on track with Mustangs, Viper ACR’s, Legends racers, Backdraft Cobras, Lotus 7’s, the new Exocet and a host of other cars.  In addition to the hp:weight formulas, NASA uses aero and tire rules to keep the competition close.   We’re looking forward to seeing the Catfish in action!

Customers wanting to race in NASA’s Super Touring in 2014 should contact us for more information, or go to the NASA link below:


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