Notice of Allowance (Patent!)

The U.S. Patent Office has approved our application for a  patent for the Catfish.  The Notice Of Allowance lets us know that soon we will have a packet on our doorstep that includes a U.S. Design Patent.

Below is a picture of the patent renderings.  You’ll notice that while we just released a rendering with a windshield this month, the drawing has been around for over a year.  Windshields will be backwards-compatible (with work), and won’t be available until 2014.  I wonder what else we have planned…?

001 test


  • Ryan says:

    I love what you guys are doing, but I am wondering if there could be any plans in the future for a retro themed body work. I love the styling of some of the older roadsters like the Triumph TR6 and the Datsun 2000, and with your custom work on the frame and mechanical bits, I feel like something along those lines could be an amazing option for your customers. I realize its early in the process and that your company is working on getting started, but with some planning could it be possible?

  • Cord Bauer says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Our first goal is to get the Catfish production rolling, and then to add the race model, the windshield option, and a few other features. We Do have other cars in the works–retro-modern cars–but there’s plenty to do until then.

    • Ryan says:

      Excited to hear about some of the company’s longer term plans. Keep up the great work. I cant wait to order one of your products as soon as I can find the right donor car and do the necessary prep work.

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