Post SEMA Crash

BIG Crash…not the car…
….the computer.

There’s been too much news about the Catfish to let a fried motherboard get in the way. This information was sent out to our subscribers before the SEMA show, so be sure to sign up if you want to be first to see the newest news.

  • The new windshield frame mold is done, and it looks incredible! Brackets for the wipers and cowl have been finished and are now being tested on customer frames.  Five customers have already ordered the screen, and we expect it to be the most ordered option. Pricing TBA.
  • A new, shorter hood and dedicated cowl have been made to accommodate the windshield. The hood is easier to handle, and the cowl makes an air tight transition between the engine bay and cockpit.
  • Wiring–this part of the build doesn’t need to be scary. Options are available NOW for everything from a body harness (lights and fuel) to a bespoke full harness that will take hours, weight and frustration out of your build. the best part is that the wiring and build techniques are both mil-spec. Wiring harness pricing starts at $500.  Have a SuperSpec or Exo?  We can do that too.  Contact us at the home page for information.
  • Roll Hoop Cover molds are next in line to be completed. They look spectacular. Pricing TBA.
  • SEMA–A big THANK YOU to Mother’s for hosting our car in their booth.  It came back cleaner than when we dropped it off. 🙂
  • SHIPPING OPTIONS–THIS IS EXCITING!  It’s more about giving you a head start on your build than it is about shipping, as you can order these options and still pick up your car from our shop.
    • Want to visit Southern California? C’mon down and pick up your car with no shipping costs. Stay and ask lots of questions because those are free too.
    • Pre-Assembly–sorry, but we don’t crate.  Crates cost $400-$600 or more, don’t protect your car that well, and usually end up in the trash afterwards. We do better. For $600 we set the car up on a dolly that allows the Catfish to be shipped by standard car transport. But there’s more! The interior and all body panels are pre-installed so when the car arrives, it looks like a car. The pre-installed interior with laser-cut holes is the perfect drilling template, and the major mounting points are already set. We take the guesswork out of installation and take a weekend of work off your build, all for the cost of a crate.
    • The Quick Start option takes Pre-Assembly to a new level. For an additional $600 ($1,200 total), the interior, exhaust and body are all pre-installed, including micro-suede interior, low pile carpet floor, Lizard Skin firewall protection, and seam sealing of all interior panels. The body is set in place and all headlight and signal holes are pre-cut. Imagine setting this frame on your roller skate, and only having to finish your electrical, plumbing and paint in order to finish your car!
Look for more information soon on these options, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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  • Eric says:

    You almost gave me a heart attack. I would hate to see that car damaged. Windshield looks sexy as hell, lots of great info. Good stuff. Always like checking this website out even though even though I won’t be getting one any time soon. 🙁 Best kit car out there!!

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