Tuesday Tease

Here’s a teaser of our safety cage, built to exceed NASA and SCCA safety specs.  This is an eight point roll cage (nine with crossbar), X-top & X-sides, and a special “Kevlar Jacket” option; we ‘glass in a Kevlar blanket on the driver side to prevent puncture intrusion from competitor’s suspension, frames, etceteras.

We’re itching to get the production Catfish on the track.  If you are too and have an experienced race team to back you up, we’ve got special pricing for you.  Contact us directly for more information.  Look for more pictures soon.



  • 0100 says:

    WOW you blew my mind again!!! Most cages on open cars look like shit. This looks badass, well done!!

  • tak says:

    I want you to respond to allow inspection approval in Japan by all means
    Because would be severe in Japan and there is no windshield, I want you to support the per
    It be interesting to be mounted HAYABUSA engine?
    Are there any plans to sell in Japan?

    Hello Tak, at least one other windshield option is in the works, but I have absolutely no idea what the requirements are for import to Japan. The Catfish has room to accept many different engines; where there’s a will (and some technical expertise) there’s a way.

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