Twilight Test at Streets of Willow

Extreme Speed had an afternoon and evening session on Saturday that was hard to pass up.  Usually no one wants to be in Rosamond California in July or August unless there’s a pool involved, but the idea of a desert sunset and night track driving was enticing.  This was the first track outing for the Catfish after the addition of a turbo, and it was important to make sure that everything was working properly in the engine bay after we just doubled the horsepower.

The shakedown test was successful in that we found some problems.  A grounding strap to the engine has separated from its end, and it became obvious fromt he puddle of oil that the valve cover was being pressurized to the point that things needed to be fixed.  There also seems to be a fuel pick-up problem.  Hmmm.

Otherwise the car still amazes with this new horsepower.  It’s still rock-solid, extremely predictable, and grips in the corners like it has slicks.  But now it can go out and play on the track with much more exotic cars;  Those videos will follow.  Until then, here’s the first session when it was still light:

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