Under New Management!

Race Car Replicas is known as the company that makes some of the most beautiful and accurate vintage race cars available. Their trademark is a super-stiff aluminum monocoque frame that usually mates to custom cnc-machined aluminum a-arms and uprights. This attention to performance is only matched by their attention to detail. Their GT40 replica is so close to the original that over 28 RCR cars were used in the recent Ford versus Ferrari movie.

RCR is the perfect company to improve and continue the manufacturing of the CFR. I fully expect the whole package to improve under the leadership of Francis Hall and his engineering team. While the soul of the CFR will remain intact, I fully expect Race Car Replicas to take the design and performance of this car to the next level.

THANK YOU to all the customers who believed in this design, and put up with some of the idiosyncrasies inherent in a small batch builds. I hope you continue to enjoy your cars, and I appreciate all the friendships that were formed.

Cord Bauer, founder

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  • David Market says:

    I am very proud to own a catfish! The end product that is beautiful and performs! An amazing build experience with my family.

  • Mitch Wright says:

    Any word on when Race Car Replicas might start producing Catfish kits? I have emailed them a few times but have yet to get a response.
    Or if there happens to be a unfinished Bauer kit out there for sale.

    • Cord says:

      I’ve spoken with owner Francis Hall and he’s considering some serious changes, including a monocoque frame similar to what he uses with his other cars. But they’ve been extremely busy lately, so AFAIK there’s no production date.

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